BlueRing Electronics – Anarres



1 – Unsalted Peroxide (4’46)
2 – Pressed Engraved Untouched (3’25)
3 – Monoxide Reputably Nicotine (9’18)
4 – Overshot Eliminate (7’02)
5 – Reliably Presume (7’50)

Releases April 14, 2023


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BlueRing Electronics is :
Dario Arrighi, Cristiano Bocci, Alessandro Ciccarelli, Gabriele D’Italia, Andrea Fabris, Giovanni Falascone, Marco Fiorini, Alessandro Gambato, Marco Luparia, Francesco Monaci, Davide Palmentiero, Giuseppe Pisano, Paolo Possidente, Filippo Rustichini, Davide Vannuccini.

Track 1 : composed, produced, mixed by Falascone, Gambato, Luparia, Pisano.
Track 2 : composed, produced, mixed by Bocci, Falascone, Fabris, Fiorini, Rustichini
Track 3 : composed, produced, mixed by Ciccarelli, Fabris, Vannuccini
Track 4 : composed, produced, mixed by Bocci, Fiorini, Possidente
Track 5 : composed, produced, mixed by Bocci, Ciccarelli, Gambato, Luparia, Vannuccini

Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Artwork and visual project by Alessandro Ciccarelli

Catalog number : EL44

Anarres is the first of two EPs collecting the work of the BlueRing Electronics (BRE), collective created in the years 2020-2022.

During the establishment phase of BRE, the movement restrictions due to Covid and the dislocation of the various components on the European territory have mixed up the cards on the table and forced to new modular and remote working methods: first through the subdivision of the collective into small ensembles, then with the assignment of mobile roles within the ensembles themselves, concerning the creation of the materials, the manipulation of sounds and the organization of the structure / form.

Through a shared and dialoguing process, 8 highly suggestive tracks were created, exploring different territories of electronic research music. They have been split to create two EPs, “Anarres” and “Athshe”, that play with the idea of complementarity VS opposition.