Massimiliano Cerioni – Inner Landscape



01. Inner Landscape
02. Rusty Flakes
03. Inner Landscape II – Ellittico (Feat. Miùson)
04. Kickin’ In
05. Inner Landscape III – Angst Vor Dem Trail (Feat. Function Store)
06. Ritualistic
07. Inner Landscape IV – Voyeurismo (Feat. Pixie Fairy Lawn)
08. Edging Nostalgia
09. Inner Landscape Variation for Piano Solo (Homage to John Cage)

Released November 24, 2023




Composed in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rome

Massimiliano Cerioni: concept, composition, mix, piano (track 1 and 9), Guitar and Bass Guitar (track 6), visuals (track 1)

Miúson aka Romeo Sgroi: track 3 production
Function Store aka Dániel Molnár: track 5 production, guitars, and bass guitars
Pixie Fairy Lawn aka Eduardo Pesole: track 7 production

Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Art by Metaxu Project aka Chiara Fontana
Graphic project by Elli

Catalog number : EL49


Inner Landscape is a concept album developed as a set of variations on a piece for piano and electronics that was part of the eponymous audiovisual work that premiered at SCOPE BLN in Berlin in 2021. The music of this AV work became the starting point of the “Inner Landscape” album.

The piano plays a meditative modal melody in a loop, around which several fragmented and offbeat electronic sounds and percussions develop a constantly changing flow of sound between structure and ornament.

Massimiliano Cerioni then shared the track’s materials with three artists from Amsterdam and Berlin, who created together with him the variations Inner Landscape II, III, and IV. Cerioni has further turned these new materials into interludes (tracks 2-4-6-8), through which he expanded the exploration of different styles and languages.

Inner Landscape is about Cerioni’s perception of imaginary inner places he could visit within his soul without having to move.