Alessandro Chemie – Uncertainty



01. Alone, in pair (5:35)
02. Duality is not an illusion (5:06)
03. Hybridization (5:30)
04. DAFNE (4:48)
05. Spinning out of the boundaries (5:53)
06. Quantum (3:00)
07. Free radicals (4:06)
08. The Schrödinger equation (3:52)
09. Be discrete (5:35)

Released March 25, 2022




Produced, recorded and mixed by Alessandro Chemie

Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Artwork and graphic design by Sara Di Lauro & Vitaly Weber
Additional graphic concept by Elli

Catalogue number : EL36


Uncertainty has been produced by using a 12U eurorack modular synthesizer as a sound source, and draws its core concept from quantum physics. All tracks contain random sequences generated through a Turing machine-like approach, which are then captured in loops and manipulated.

The communication between eurorack modules is enabled by electricity, which can be defined as the motion of charged particles (electrons). But what law of physics is behind this idea of motion?

The Uncertainty principle (Heisenberg, 1927) states that it is not possible to know both the position and speed of a particle (electron) at the same time with the same accuracy.

The dimension of sound immerses us in a quantum environment. Music becomes the expression of UNCERTAINTY.


Alessandro Chemie allows the machines to co-compose on the aptly-titled Uncertainty.
Random sequences tumble through a modular synthesizer yet still produce something akin to IDM
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