HAND – Suburbæn


1. suburban life (12:24)
2. two drink minimum (8:24)
3. for Eliane (5:46)
4. note to self (9:57)
5. no for an answer (5:52)
6. crescent (8:30)
7. to drink maximum (5:58)
8. cut your hair (bonus track)
9. overview effect (bonus track)

Released November 27, 2020

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AE modular synthesizer, tape loops and field recordings by Sascha Bachmann.
Recorded and mixed 2019/2020 in Berlin, Germany
Artwork created with scan processing.

Thanks to : Tanja, Mimi & Kuno, Emanuele & Alessio at Elli Records, Micah at Puremagnetik, Robert Langner at Tangible Waves.

Produced and mixed by Sascha Bachmann
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork by Sascha Bachmann
Graphic project by Elli

Available as limited edition cassette, and digital download

Catalogue number : EL29

Suburbaen is about the reflection of a lifestyle, living close to the unknown city. It is an actidote to our life in a troubled world. It lets you fill your body with all kinds of feelings.

The approach HAND takes in the creation of this new album is very different, compared to his first two recordings. Those were built with various magnetic tape techniques. The loops have been recorded and then arranged with the computer.

For this album HAND is using the live approach with focus on the AE modular system. All tracks are performed as instant compositions, as one can also see in the associated videos prepared for the release.

With this process HAND had to take a risk, and this is something you can hear in the music.

“HAND’s synth sludge really stuck in my guts. Like a string quartet dirge morphed to synths, with some unexpectedly light-to-the-touch percussion visits.” – Create Digital Music