Alessio Santini – Kenter



1- Ffar (3’35”)
2- Sul mare nero (5’38”)
3- Sndaz Majorii (2’08”)
4- Destroy destroyers (4’14”)

Released November 21, 2017

All tracks composed, performed, and recorded by Alessio Santini
Vocals on Ffar curtesy of Dario Francalacci
Mixed by Emanuele Battisti
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung Mastering
Graphic concept by Papernoise

Available as CD, and digital download

Catalogue number : EL05

Kenter is a record made with an electric guitar and acoustic drums, both heavily manipulated.

Big, raw, digitally distorted guitars are processed, re-processed, then processed again, leading to massive noise, textured drones, and heavy riffs.

Drums are composed with micro-articulation by custom-made softwares, and often reprocessed via granulation technics, to keep the warmth and feel of a real drum set, but projecting it into humanly-unplayable and electroacoustic-like territories.

Kenter is also a post-song experiment: echoes of choruses and vocals make appearance all along the record.


An impressive exercise in guitar processing and drum glitching, “Kenter” lives in very well-trodden dark and ominous territory but manages to forge its own unique tone nevertheless. Chain DLK

“Kenter” lies like lead on your ears and with every second it opens up to show you new fine grains and details. Sonic Seducer

Alessio Santini has in his DNA the traces of the best Justin Broadrick: he manipulates the sounds with fatalistic aplomb and obtains always remarkable results.Rockerilla