Ben Peers – Patterns Generated by Uneven Alternation



Uneven Alternation 1 (5’02)
Uneven Alternation 2 (10’25)
Uneven Alternation 3 (4’50)
Uneven Alternation 4 (5’46)
Uneven Alternation 5 (7’13)
Uneven Alternation 6 (6’39)


Released January 14, 2022




Recorded and produced by Ben Peers
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Cover art by Ben Peers
Graphic project by Elli

Catalogue number : EL34A

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Multiple sequences or multiple instances of a single sequence are interpolated using the algorithm ‘x of one, y of the other, repeat’.

These recordings are dynamic streams of cascading impulses given shape through trigger routing and pattern selection.

Created using max/msp and hardware synthesisers.
All tracks recorded in real-time.