Giona Vinti – Orc


1. Layer 1 (11’36)
2. Layer 2 (9’13)
3. Layer 3 (11’26)
4. Layer 4 (10’04)

Released November 5, 2019

Music composed and mixed by Giona Vinti
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Cover art by Mario Vinti
Graphic project by Elli

Catalog number : EL11

This record has been produced at the crossoroad of the very obsolete and the cutting edge. All tracks are performed live, in one take, and with little to no editing and post production on an eurorack modular synthesizer system, and a big old 24 tracks analog mixer, often using archaic processors, like tape delay made with portable cassette recorders and nasty spring reverbs…

But inside the archaic technology of the modular synth shines the ER-301 Sound Computer, an incredibly clever hardware digital platform for patching whatever complex and bizarre synthesis, sampling and processing technique might come to mind. I exploited it to sculpt a very personal view of contemporary noise music : rather than building monolithic drones and noise walls, I am focused here on dynamics and spatialization, both in terms of planning and execution.

The four tracks that form this work have been improvised with mixer gestures and live patching and tweaking, but the architecture of sound generation, processing and soundstaging has been carefully planned. Each track is proudly digital but contains analog and human elements all conjuring to convey this feeling of bitterness but also a tension towards change, an energy that taps from ancestral powers within the body, mind and spirit of the individual and of the collective.

This album presents the rebellious, promethean, dare I say luciferian spirit that William Blake depicted in his eponym character :

The myth of Orc will never die, and will stubbornly continue to ignite conflict, renovation and re-enchantment.

“Orc” is a collection of four numbered tracks, […] four slabs of gloriously expressive chaos that jumps around between differently constructed walls of broken noise Chain D.L.K.