Alessio Santini – Come


1. ratto (1’51)
2. n*ve (3’20)
3. quasi (4’44)
4. un arc en ciel (2’23)
5. son of Nalpas (4’39)

Released May 8, 2020

Composed and produced by Alessio Santini in April 2020
Additional production and mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork © 2020 Paolo Cavinato : fragment from “In the room” (drawing and computer graphics)

Catalogue number : EL18

Come is a double step interaction between the artist and his software.

A series of time fluctuating pulses and drones is generated/composed by custom algorithms, starting from a short guitar improvisation.
Tracks are then rearranged on a timeline with tape-like manipulations in order to obtain almost-song structures.

Come is about mutation, and being in between different logics and shapes. An exercise of tolerance and will.