Sabina Covarrubias – Fertility


1. Humid Origins  (5’40)
2. We are alive (1’25)
3. I am loved (1’48)
4. The land and its perfumes (3’27)
5. Wet (2’27)
6. Rythmic instincts (2’12)
7. I kissed my land (1’57)
8. Nature rituals (2’13)
8. A soul Conception (5’17)

Released June 16, 2020

Composed and produced by Sabina Covarrubias
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork © 2020 Paolo Cavinato : fragment from “In the room” (drawing and computer graphics)

Catalogue number : EL25

Fertility was composed at a Cryptic Cove Park Spring Residency as part of Seeing Hearing UK Mexico, a three-year collaboration between the UK and Mexico made possible with the support of Anglo Arts the cultural department of The Anglo Mexican Foundation A.C; British Council Mexico, CMMAS and Cryptic.

This music marks a watershed in my career as a composer, because the musical language in it is a synthesis of several languages and musical elements. In the composition I used spectralistic music composition techniques, at the same time, sound spatialization techniques, used in electroacoustic music, structural techniques and timbre elements of techno-minimal music, as well as “soundscape” elements; also other structural principles of Senegalese music of oral tradition. From my point of view, the synthesis of these techniques forms a language of its own in which I feel at ease.