Otso – AAVE

1. 31.10.2022; 20:38
2. 11.07.1952; 06:03
3. 31.10.2022; 20:44
4. 31.10.2022; 20:46
5. 11.07.1952; 06:12
6. 31.10.2022; 20:55
7. 11.07.1952; 06:18
8. 31.10.2022; 21:03
9. 11.07.1952; 06:22

Catalog number : EL-09
Music composed by Otso Lähdeoja
Mix by Maija Turunen
Mastering by Nicolas David
Cover photo by Otso Lähdeoja
Graphic project by Elli

Released July 2, 2019

AAVE is a new album by OTSO Lähdeoja, a Finnish composer-researcher working at the interface of electronic and acoustic music.
Aave is Finnish for ghost, or phantom.

The album intertwines compositions from two imaginary times: a series of piano works from an early summer morning in 1952, and a set of electronic pieces from a late October evening in 2022.

Piano notes played seventy years ago by unknown hands set in motion electronic processes four years ahead.

As time inflates and becomes bi-fold, personality becomes transparent, objects cease to exist as defined points in space. Sounds dilate into a phantomatic presence.

The music is full of ever-changing textures, and multi-layered. Luminous and spatial in the 1952 piano works, dark and focused in the 2022 electronics. AAVE is non-polished, sketch-like; a sculpture that retains the coarse beauty of its original materials.

AAVE is Otso’s third solo release, a new affirmation of a highly personal sonic quest. No ready-made electronics here. The album is composed with personal recordings of a 1952 upright piano, custom-coded sound processing modules, field recordings and synthesizer patches.