Ben Peers – Procedure



1. Fakeout (4’44)
2. Caudal (5’09)
3. Craggy (3’05)
4. Spy-Hop (5’11)
5. Squiggle (4’14)
6. Windswept (4’03)

Released December 2, 2022




Recorded by Ben Peers
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Artwork by Ben Peers

Catalog number : EL41

Created over the space of a few days in early Summer 2022, Procedure is a continuation of Ben Peers’ work developing max/msp tools and techniques for non-linear pattern generation and modular sequencing.

Each track was formed by building a system of interactions, defining how a few variables change over time and recording the result. All sequencing techniques are deterministic.

Sound sources are Nord Lead A1 and Roland TR6S recorded directly to stereo file.