Ben Peers – auto​-​mátiqa



1. mátiqa (8:20)
2. máqina (13:19)
3. mátiqo (11:40)
4. auto- (17:43)

Releases January 15, 2021

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Conceived April-May 2020 using hardware synthesisers and max-msp systems

Recorded in realtime, and produced by Ben Peers
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Cover art by Ben Peers
Graphic project by Elli

Available as limited edition cassette, and digital download

Catalogue number : EL30


auto-mátiqa is a network of interlocking motifs, where discrete ideas collide and interact to form more elaborate systems which seem to move with purpose.

Its sequences are programmed to generate endless patterns, shifting and rotating without identifiable start or end, but taking on a sense of larger-scale structure around carefully orchestrated pivot points.

These four slices of electronic minimalism have common DNA, but each is assembled in its own way, each recording documenting its own moment of expression and exploration.

“Ben Peers‘ auto-mátiqa starts off twinkling but ends up in IDM and big, booming bass.  Four long tracks (one nearly eighteen minutes) keep morphing as they progress” – A closer listen

“It’s a smooth long-term listen […] It is worth taking the time to appreciate it as a whole, certainly.” – Chain D.L.K.