Unmapped – Unamerika


1. Unamerika (14’21)

Released May 15, 2020

João Fernandes – laptop
William Goutfreind – bassoon, suling flutes and various sounding objects
Jérémy Labelle – laptop
Gabriel Peraza Peraza – electric bass, electric guitar
Julien Vincenot – laptop & arpa llanera

Mix by William Goutfreind and Thomas Vittek
Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork © 2020 Paolo Cavinato : fragment from “In the room” (drawing and computer graphics)

Catalogue number : EL20

During the summertime of 2018, Unmapped reunited in a house of Villiers-sur-Orge, France. The recording sessions revealed new possibilities : new instruments were embraced (harp, flutes and various percussive objects), allowing for new parameters, new musical settings. These elements were vital in opening up unusual creative pathways to the Unmappians: taking them beyond their previous habits.

Unamerika is the first published result linked to this reunion. The collective often explores the question of what is not definable in a standardized system. As a group of musicians from different backgrounds sharing a common musical space, Unmapped is the synthesis of various musical individualities, which results in productions without dominant aesthetics, breaking away, in fact, from any idea of a “standard”.

Through this session from which Unamerika was born, the question of geographical space is also raised. Unamerika is not bound to the American continent, or to any continent for that matter, neither musically nor physically. The virtual space is Unmapped, and by nature impossible to grasp.