Stahlstuhl & Andrea Pandolfo – Improvisation 5


1. Part 1 (6’15)
2. Part 2 (6’50)
3. Part 3 (6’18)

Released May 22, 2020

Andrea Pandolfo : trumpet
Olavo Vianna : chair performer
Emanuele Battisti : live electronics and spatialisation

Recorded at the Jailoo Art Center in Saint-Ouen, France.
Composed by Emanuele Battisti, Andrea Pandolfo and Olavo Vianna.
Mixed and mastered by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork by Clarissa Baumann
Graphic concept by Elli

Catalogue number : EL12

Second album by the Stahlstuhl project, with guest musician Andrea Pandolfo on trumpet.

This record explores the sonic possibilities given by the interaction between the two acoustic instruments : the trumpet and the chair.
The live electronics allows for an increase of overall density, and adds a third element of interaction.

The performance is entirely improvised, following a preordered rough scheme, whose goal was to formalize the main sections of the piece.

The division in three parts is only meant to allow for a freer fruition of the album : as far as the performance is concerned, it is a continuous stream of musical ideas.

One of those records that could’ve been a curio but ends up being better than it should be. FFO scrapy improv and submerged textural electronics. Big up Stahlstuhl