Meet Elli

By 01/12/2014news

Sooo exciting: after months of work and secret projects, we are finally online!
Oh, sure… Better to start with the basics: who are we??

Elli: that’s the name.

Elli is a new action of promotion for human+computer music. Elli focuses on electronic, electroacoustic, and improvised music. If you like these topics, be sure to follow us!

There would be a lot of things to say, but we’ll do it step by step, in forthcoming new posts.
For now you know that Elli is basically a record label, with exciting growing projects.

A record label focusing on music made by humans for humans, with computers.

We’ll take care of artists and listeners interested in all these musical expressions and techinques linked by the use of a computer: from electroacoustic to free jazz, from drones to song, to microsound, and more.

The two first releases will be online very soon, and more details about our action too: be sure to follow us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and signing up for our newsletter!

Do not forget to spread the word, and if you are a composer looking for a label, please consider sending your music!

Thanks for visiting us, we’ll be in touch ;)