Founded in 2007 in Paris, with the aim of exploring new forms of musical writing, expressivity and modernity, Unmapped has always been imagined as a laboratory, centered around advanced technology and human interactivity.

Unmapped found its own raison d’être both in performance and improvisation, through a close interaction between instrumental and electroacoustic gestures, and with an open set of possible musical transformations.
Working between improvisation and composition without setting them apart, Unmapped has developed its own poetic universe, characterized by abstract narrations, disrupted elements and tangled disorder of living systems.

As they keep developing their own personal and original language, Unmapped members are always in search for a balance between the power and expressivity of a non-rational approach to music, and the refinement and elegance of written music.

A flexibly-sized ensemble, Unmapped is constituted by nine permanent members, all being both composers and instrumentalists. They are often joined by guest musicians and artists (architects, video‐makers, film and theater directors, dancers and choreographers, visual artists, plasticians, etc.), from all over the world.

Unmapped has been taking part in concerts, festivals, interactive installations and other events implying music and/or digital arts throughout France (Instants Chavirés, Montreuil / Olympic Café & Jardin d’Alice, Paris / Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis / FIMU, Belfort), Germany (Altes Finanzamt, Berlin), Belgium, Italy (Tempo Reale Festival, Florence), Spain (ESMUC Auditori & Niu Art space, Barcelona), Portugal, Greece (Medea Electronique’s Electric Nights, Athens), USA (Ghost in the Instrument Festival, Columbia University, New York), China (Electronic Music Week, Shanghai).


Julien Vincenot (laptop/keyboards)
Jérémy Labelle (laptop/turntable/analogic saturation)
Thomas Vittek (acoustic & digital accordion)
William Goutfreind (bassoon/laptop)
Olavo Peres Vianna (laptop/guitar)
Andrea Gozzi (electric guitar)
João Fernandes (laptop)
Gabriel Peraza Peraza (guitar/laptop/synth)
Kevin Gironnay (laptop/bass guitar)

Former members & guests

Emanuele Battisti (piano/keyboards)
Dionysios Papanicolaou (violin/mandolin/guitar/laptop)
Sinan Mansuroglu (visuals)
Juan Pablo Maran Ferro (bass/guitar)
Étienne Pavie (cello)
Marius Courard (drums)
Jeff Suzda (saxophone/loop recorder)
Joao Gonzales (maracas/steel pan/other percussions/loop recorder)
Cécile Duval (voice)
Raphaël Vens (laptop)
Melisa Yener (voice)