TREE – LFO (In Space)



1. In Space 1 (12’07)
2. In Space 2 (5’49)
3. In Space 3 (13’13)

Released October 28, 2022




Simone Faraci, conduction

Tobia Bandini – live electronics
Agnese Banti – harmonium, voice, tape player and sound objects
Marco Barberis – live electronics
Samantha Bertoldi – DYI instrument, live electronics
Daniele Carcassi – synth
Biagio Cavallo – sax and live electronics
Ivo Cavallo – percussions
Mario Cianca – double bass
Gianluca Catuogno – sound objects and live electronics
Igor Giuffrè – electric guitar
Francesco Maccario – live electronics
Cristina Mercuri – violin
Pasquale Savignano – live electronics
Andrea Trona – live electronics
Francesco Vogli – live electronics

Live recording by Giovanni Magaglio and Leonardo Rubboli
Unlocked Sound (September 9, 2020), Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze Italy

Mix and mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Artwork picture by The Factory PRD
Cover art by Elli
Graphic project by Julien Bayle

Catalog number : EL39


“LFO” is a method of transmission for conducted improvisation created by Francesco Giomi. It is inspired by the tradition of music conducting, but also by techniques specific of electronic music.

This live album presents a group improvisation performed during the LFO (In Space concert, final event of an intensive workshop conducted by Francesco Giomi in collaboration with Simone Faraci at the Tempo Reale 2020 Festival “Unlocked Sound”, in Florence.

In this conducted improvisation, the TREE ensemble follows Simone Faraci’s lead to create a highly gestural and expressive performance.

The deep interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments is here enhanced by the full use of the intensity spectrum, from pure silence to the most explosive fortissimo.