Tom Hall – Spectra


1 – One Fell Swoop (4’42’’)
2 – Vail 1123581321 (3’20’’)
3 – Ebb (6’44’’)
4 – Remains (2’04’’)
5 – Flow (5’56’’)
6 – Está Destin (4’40’’)
7 – Vast Limitations (3’00’’)
8 – Intersect (4’03’’)
9 – Last Retreat (9’24’’)

Recorded by Tom Hall in Los Angeles between 2015 and 2017
Additional production, mix and mastering: Emanuele Battisti at Baffo Music Studio, Lille
Original cover picture by Tom Hall
Graphic concept by Elli

Released on June 5th, 2018

Available as CD, limited edition cassette, and digital download

Spectra is a journey.

As for the previous Fervor EP, Hall delivers here an impressive work based on the concept of “surround”.

Merging a daily practice of experimentation, the research on polyrhythms and syncopation, and the use of mathematical formulas connected with our world, Tom creates a vast environmental based music.

The electronic textures created by Hall come to life amid silicon rainbows and digital noise explosions. Tom Hall is more epidermal than many of his colleagues, and today represents the link between Room 40’s electronics and the (Raster-) Noton techno. BRILLIANT Rockerilla

A world on its own, Spectra is the metabolization of all these data-like sources, resulting in a warm analog fresco of the complex personality of the composer.

Dreamy lines resting on rich textures, echoes of musique concrète, quasi-pop harmonic progressions, hypnotic percussive dark patterns, and again, nervous micro-time structures and a strong sense of construction, with a predilection for circularity.

All this makes Spectra pierce the boundaries of music genres, to equally express urge of experimentation and a high degree of accessibility.

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Cassette, CD