Tom Hall – Fervor


1- As we go to fight Giants (7’44”)
2- Only the hunted know (5’18”)

Released March 21, 2017

Tom Hall : synthesizers, programming
All tracks composed, mixed, and produced by Tom Hall
Original picture by Tom Hall
Graphic concept by Papernoise

Thanks to Janeva & Brian
Additional production thanks to Zelda

Digital release : two tracks + free Mac OS / Windows application

Catalogue number : EL04

Rather ethereal and texture-based, Tom Hall’s music is structured around melodic lines, seemingly floating upon drone-like clouds.

More specifically, this two-track album presents a musical reflection about the relation between a human being and his living environment, and about the process of spiritually assimilating to a new space and new culture. As someone who left rural Australia to live in a megalopolis, Tom is particularly sensitive to the concept of “surround”.

Fervor represents a sort of emotional short circuit, a liberating moment after years of creative block.

This is environmental-based music without being ambient music; it presents a strong sense of construction, and yet it favors circularity to linear development, as if accompanying the composer in his spiritual quest for a center, and for a balance with the surrounding space.

Fervor comes with a MacOS/Windows application that reproduces visuals from “Only the hunted know” in always different ways.

Fervor is a music of exposed circuitry – a sprawling analogy to the very circuits that power each individual instrument. Synthesisers intersect eachother tentatively, the resultant melodies forming only the faintest outlines of their future selves, straddling a strange line between the melancholy and promise. ATTN:Magazine