squncr – The Blue of Distance



1. North (5’26)
2. East (3’42)
3. West (4’13)
4. South (3’26)
5. Beyond (4’48)


Released January 20, 2023





Composed, recorded and produced by squncr

squncr : Yamaha CP70 electric piano, Roland RE-101 Space Echo, synthesizers, field recordings.

Mastering by Emanuele Battisti

Artwork by squncr
Graphic project by Lucien de Baixo

Catalog number : EL43

Being lost…

These sound pieces came to my mind while reading A Field Guide to Getting Lost, the inspirational text from American writer Rebecca Solnit (2005). “The Blue of Distance” – which gives its name to my work – is a recurring title Solnit uses four times through the pages, as a sort of “interlude chapter”.

In one of these chapters, she writes : « Every love has its landscape. Thus place, which is always spoken as though it only counts when you’re present, possesses you in its absence, takes on another life as a sense of place, a summoning in the imagination with all the atmospheric effect and association of powerful emotion. »

The idea of loss is also present in my relationship with the piano. As a kid and a teenager, I trained as a classical pianist. Despite my strong love for this instrument, my skills gradually faded away, carried by everyday life, parenthood, professional career, love stories, relocations and also a few failures…

Get lost…