1. unkyf  (5’52)
2. dpeo (7’38)
3. bda.xmi.nkuyf (5’54)
4. lerdxgiiml (6’41)
5. fynukl (7’14)

Released June 15, 2022



Original work : GRID by Julien Bayle
Reworked composition and mixing : Lucien de Baixo
Mastering : Emanuele Battisti

Artwork and graphic design : Julien Bayle

Catalogue number : EL38

After knowing each other since the late 00’s, 111.GRID.rework is the first collaboration between Julien Bayle and Lucien de Baixo.

111.GRID.rework is a reinterpretation of the 18-tracks from GRID by Julien Bayle.

By using his own techniques of DJing and real-time loop editing, Lucien de Baixo deconstructs and restructures layers by layers the rough digital approach of Julien Bayle, creating its own energetic analog universe within the GRID boundaries.

111.GRID.rework is a selection of five tracks recorded live.