K. Gironnay & J. Vincenot – Neglected Auguries


1. I woke up because the Earth was shaking (7’18)
2. Meshwork (7’35)
3. Neglected Auguries (14’32)
4. Then the clouds rolled back (10’08)

Released April 24, 2020

Kevin Gironnay, prepared guitar and pedals
Julien Vincenot, live computer

Recorded by Kevin Gironnay
Mix and mastering by Kevin Gironnay
Artwork © 2020 Paolo Cavinato : fragment from “In the room” (drawing and computer graphics)

Catalogue number : EL14

The music of Neglected Auguries was rather swiftly recorded last summer by longtime friends and musical partners Kevin Gironnay and Julien Vincenot (both members of the band Unmapped), during a long overdue reunion.

Nothing planned, it just happened very quickly and it seemed fleeting, as if in a trance, with Gironnay on prepared guitar and pedals and Vincenot on live computer. And just like that, it was over, and they each returned to their separate lives.

The recordings remained archived, almost coldheartedly put away, yet preciously kept.

Much like Cassandra’s prophecies, the sound material was ignored. It is perhaps difficult to return to a moment lived and experienced, but of which one has no remembrance at all.

Then, one is kept in a room. One must stay in. Life feels at a halt and all at once we are faced with all of our belongings: each object on a shelf, each drawer we usually only half-open, each fragment of forgotten wall behind a frame, and each musical augury we recorded once but to which we never dared to listen…