Daniele Sciolla – Spin of Synth



1. Poly  (4’09)
2. Jupiter (2’04)
3. Prophet (2’13)
4. CS (3’05)
5. Arp (1’56)

Released May 21, 2021




Composed, recorded and produced by Daniele Sciolla
Mastered by Riccardo Parravicini at Rima Maja

Artwork by Daniele Sciolla and Lise Sciolla
Graphic project by Elli

Catalogue number : EL33


Trips all around Europe searching for rare synthesisers, a graduate degree in Mathematics, Conservatory of music and jazz studies : these are the elements of which SPIN OF SYNTH is made.

SPIN acts here as the intrinsic property carried by elementary particles, in this case applied to analog machines.

This EP highlights the countless timbre variations that occur between the various analog machines, as an answer to the same stimuli: from a unique trigger very different results appear, and everything is layered and crushed to obtain a giant choral effect. Moreover, time is stretched beyond our standard limits, to create a mosaic of fractal sounds, obtained by varying the pressure of the music sequences.

On each track, synthesisers are either presented as a timbrical mass, or left alone by themselves, in which case even the smallest details of a single synth become audible.

This EP represents a personal path out from music norms, made with instruments that today represent the standard in contemporary music production, and that yet were the cornerstones of electronic music experimentation only a few decades ago.