Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy, 1986) is a composer, sound engineer, and sound artist, currently living in Berlin.
He explores new sonic possibilities through coding and designing custom-made instruments, also performed on stage.

Cerioni graduated in electronic music with Michelangelo Lupone, and won in 2015 the Premio Abbado for the best electroacoustic music composition. His music making focuses on primordial sound topoi that interconnect in a multi-layered acoustic texture, creating an immersive, reflective, and engaging listening experience.

Cerioni’s artistic universe can be abstract and yet full of symbolism related to physical perception, natural phenomena, liminal spaces, and psychological states. His esthetics is influenced by spectralism, musique concrète, minimalism, drone, deep listening, stochastic music, new objectivity, IDM, and psychedelic music genres.

He often takes part in festivals with commissioned and premiered pieces : Artescienza, National Academy of Dance, Goethe Institut Rom, Tempo Reale, ICMC Athens, Psychedelic Film and Music Festival NYC, Live Performers Meeting, Chilean Conexión (Berlin), Radius Collective Exhibition (Boston), CTM Festival, Linea Festival, Kunsttage (Basel). Moreover, Cerioni has been a resident artist from EMS and IIC Lerici in Stockholm (2019) and SCOPE BLN in Berlin (2021).

He collaborates with several artists and professionals from different fields, among others Julian Zyklus, Silvia Morandi, Function Store, Fabrizio Di Salvo, Sara Brown, Opale Studio, Since 2023, his music is released by Elli Records.

Photo by Visioni Parallele