Giona Vinti is a sound designer, sound engineer, live performer from Milan, Italy.

Born in 1977 and formed in the golden age of illegal raves, he started studying music and audio technology on his own. He then graduated at the SAE Institute Milan, and became Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

He releases albums under the Hyena moniker and with his real name. He founded and manages the label Rexistenz Records/RXSTNZ (Italy). He also works as live sound engineer and music production teacher.

As solo performing artist, Giona extensively played across Italy and Europe. He’s involved in the crossroad between classic modular synthesizer, traditional analog audio processors and on softwares like Max\Jitter, Reaktor, Pure Data, and SuperCollider.

The music released under his real name (Giona Vinti) is characterized by a freeform approach, mainly focused on the orchestration of multiple monophonic voices in the modular synthesizer paradigm, often getting results close to polyphonic Medieval and Renaissance music.

His other interests span from mathematics and physics to history, visual arts, architecture and the obscure domains of esotericism, magic and alternative religions.

Picture by Claudio Compagnucci